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What to Bring on Your First Visit?
  1. Driver's License or other form of Identification
  2. Insurance and/or Medicare card
  3. If a referral is required by your insurance, please bring it with you or check to see if it has been received by our office. (Examples being Tricare, Passport, Coventry Cares, and some Humana)
  4. Please know or bring a list of all your current medications
  5. Do not forget to remember your herbal and non-prescription medications
  6. If you have arch supports, please bring them
  7. If you have specific shoes that you have questions about, please bring them
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Podiatry is the specialized field of medicine dealing with the medical and surgical 
problems of the foot, ankle, and leg for both adults and children.  Treatment of the 
foot often relieves problems in the back and legs as well.  Some of the common 
problems treated in our office include:

•        Arthritis
•        Bunions
•        Ingrown toenails
•        Calluses
•        Heel pain and Heel spurs
•        Tired Feet
•        Gait abnormalities (In-toe/Out-toe)
•        Accidents and Injuries
•        Sprains, chronic, or lingering ankle pain
•        Fractures
•        Leg Cramps

Problems of children often seen include: in-toeing and out-toeing, “flat” feet, 
“growing pains”, ingrown toenails, warts, and all types of injuries.  On the job and 
athletic injuries frequently treated include:

•        Sprains, strains, and broken bones
•        Chronic or lingering ankle pain
•        Stress fractures
•        Knee pain
•        Heel pain
•        Tendonitis
•        Bruised nails
•        Over pronation
•        Shin splints